About Me

I typically live in Seattle with my husband and animals (four chickens and the two most beautiful goats I’ve ever seen). I work in education, trying to change the world by leaning into the small piece of it I live in. Also occupying my attention are dance (a hugely moving love of mine), gardening, building, the power of words, awareness practices. I’m one of those mathematician-eduactor-writer-hiker types. I do take my goats hiking, but not on this trip because at 9 and 7 years, they are bothered with arthritis and sound like Rice Krispies when they walk. They will stay home with my husband, also a mathematician-educator type, but more urban-improv-new-yorker-reading. Dan (my husband) and I have a business together where we make our art in the form of thoughts on education, mathematics, and humanity. You can read more about it at our website here.

I hiked the 2800-mile Pacific Crest Trail in 2005 with my dear dear friend Rob, and Sid (the white goat). Sid was sent home by the National Park Service 800 miles into the trail because of some confusing rules about stock animals in National Parks (less confusing now: goats aren’t stock). We finished in around four months. The Pacific Crest Trail goes through California, Oregon, and Washington, from the Mexico border to the Canada border.

I biked the 2700-mile Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in 2010. This ride I did alone. I finished in around 2.5 months. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route goes from Banff, Canada to the US/Mexico border in New Mexico, traversing the Rocky Mountains as close to the Continental Divide as possible along the way. You can read about that trip at my blog here.

I used to do quite a bit more climbing, hiking, and biking around the Pacific Northwest. Then graduate school ruined my life. Just Kidding! It interfered, shall we say, and now my professional life pours into my cup of time like water. It seems like no matter what else is happening, time passes and passes with no help or hindrance from me.

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. katherine…you are amazing. i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and send every good wish for a fruitful and fantastic adventurous journey. my oh my you are adventurous.

  2. Katherine
    So glad you on well on your way. Hope the Town Guide has been helpful. I am in Northport, WA today at the computers! Do stay at the B&B – these folks are terric and it is a comfy home.

    Also, the Washington Hotel in Metaline Falls is open. FYI – don’t know if you plan to do the official route or Li’s route at the Shedrock Mt. area – I found another alternate. After the six mile bushwack at Lions Creek I was not willing to do another bad one so soon. Read my journal on trailjournals.com.

    I see you met Stephan – I think he bought my town guide, too. His name is familiar. I’ll be meeting Bravo (that’s Tim who did the blow by blow trail book) tomorrow at Hwy 395. He lives in Colville.

    By the way, on Parker Mt. the spring is trickling at about 5200 ft. And, on Abecrombie Mt. I found water all the way up to 3800 ft. (this is out of Metaline falls).

    I haven’t had any on trail rain yet, so it was surprising to hear about all of the thunderstorms.

    Have a great rest of hike, and I’ll be reading!
    Say hi to Stephan!

  3. Katherine,
    I love this blog, that I just found out NOW you are keeping. I am excited to keep following you on this amazing hike of yours. I wish you health, strength and all the abilities in the world as you undertake this trek of yours.

    Can’t wait to keep reading and enjoying your beautiful creative entries through words and pictures.

    You are a star!


  4. Hi Katherine,
    I have been enjoying your words and photos, they are like paintings and so beautiful.
    You are an inspiration keep safe and happy,

  5. Katherine,
    I have missed you and finally had a minute (which turned into many minutes) to read your blog. You are such a strong woman and a huge inspiration. Enjoy your trip in the mountains, stay safe, and hopefully you’ll have some more beautiful dancing dreams!

    Can’t wait to see and dance with you again upon your return.

  6. Way to go Kath! …I’m so glad you made it and had a fulfilling trip. It was a pleasure hiking with you. Thanks for everything- Stef

  7. Decided today I wanted to hike the PNT and some googling led me here. I am currently on day 21 of your blog and had to stop to send you this note to say your writing is mesmerising. Congratulations on an excellent blog.


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