Day 41 spent resting at Ross Lake

Some days are crap and some are great, because the world is a diverse place stocked with a menagerie of beasts and experiences. Today was great, spent in the company of my love and in the beautiful, deep valley of Ross Lake. I felt like a bird perched in a nest on the dramatic edge, watching the boats pass all day and the sun ride its arc through the sky until the clouds buried it by lat afternoon. We stayed in a boater’s campground, each site with a bear box and picnic table for convenience and the campground accessible from the lake by a large dock. We spent most of the day down on the dock, laying in the sun, reading, talking about math and education, or swimming in the startling clear water. We watched a flock of little gray ducks with rust colored heads diving in the water for tiny slivers of fish, the ducks bobbing along with their heads in the water until they found their prey, and in a sequential submersion curving like dolphins into the water, one right after another. They stay down a surprisingly long time. When they had fed or exhausted their air, they popped from the surface like floating rubber duckies. At one point; a duck that wandered close to the dock took notice of us and hastened away by practically run in on the water.

We had a charmed day, one that was ultimately fortifying. I rested my body but also my will, that ethereal and somehow unstretchable muscle that does so much knotty work. I had a full, sweet, sun-drenched day without worrying about post offices, logistics, miles, batteries, route finding, time, physical ailments, errands, or loneliness, to name a few of the worries on hiking days or town rest days. The setting also lent no shortage of majesty. An excellent rest day, all told.

20130829-201528.jpgRest day mess and rest day ten

20130829-201648.jpgA replenishing view on a grand scale

20130829-201759.jpgComplicated weather makes for amazing skies

20130829-201904.jpgThe ducks

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