Day 40! Forty days and forty nights (almost)

I woke up this morning with a fire in my belly to get moving, anticipating getting to Ross Lake Resort and seeing my husband. The hiking today was pretty smooth, along pine needled paths next to mossy ground that looks like green clouds. I would say I flew through it, but not quite. My ankle/shin/leg thing on the left side was flared up a bit today. On top of that, the new shoes I picked up in Oroville are kind of smooshing my feet, giving me a blister and tender, bruised spots across the bones on the top. I must say, I’m having a carousel of physical trouble on this hike, something I’m more or less filing under ‘back-related’, though of course the shoes are just unfortunate luck. I’ll pick up new ones in Concrete, but until then I’ll be battling it out with the ones I’ve got.

Ross Lake Resort is an amazing place, a flotilla of little cabins anchored to the steep banks of Ross Lake near the dam (the dam which makes the Skagit River into Ross Lake). Sad for me, they have no restaurant and no laundry. Also they have no open cabins, since people book a year in advance to stay there. The office, another floating building in the armada, all anchored together with docks and boardwalks, allowed me to use their phone to call my husband, who wouldn’t be arriving for a few hours. It was windy but I hung out on the dock, charged my phone, and watched the busy happenings of the resort unfold, most of which were boat-related happenings since people rent boats and go out on the lake for camping or fishing trips. Shortly before Dan arrived, a few of the guests invited me over for a glass of wine, a bit of food, and, when they heard about my trip, a shower! You can’t see your husband for the first time in weeks after crossing the wilderness without a shower first, one of them said. Good thing, with Dan about to spend a rest day with me in a little boat-in campground on the lake. I was definitely ready for a shower. In a final act of kindness, one of the guests boated Dan and I from the resort to our lakeside campsite, saving us about a mile and a half walk. Also a good thing: Dan was carrying in all my resupply food for the next section and all the food we would eat for the rest day.

20130829-200719.jpgRoss Lake Dam, which I walked across

20130829-202201.jpgThe rivers are looking more like Cascade rivers

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